Why direct mail is a waste of your credit union marketing budget

Every business, from Nike to the smallest local mom and pop store has a finite amount of money to spend on advertising. This fact is why every business wants to do all it can maximize their business investment and their return on investment. But not all advertising is equal, and there are some forms of marketing that are more efficient than others. Direct mail is not a very efficient use of a credit union marketing budget, and here are the 5 main reasons why.

Here are Five Reasons Direct Mail Is a Waste of a Credit Union Marketing Budget:

Reason #1: Wasted Resources  –  Often when using direct mail marketing, there is a tempting rebate offered by the printer if the customer chooses to print a larger number of copies.  Coincidentally (or not), often if a business orders 1000 units to be printed, there is an added rebate if they order 2000. Or, if a business orders 5000, there is a rebate for ordering 7500 and an even greater rebate for ordering 10,000.

The offer of a rebate is very tempting, but the truth is, most companies would be better off sticking with their original order number, even though they often don’t. What happens to those extra copies that were purchased thanks to a big rebate? They usually get put on a shelf or in a cabinet for a later date, and eventually they are wasted.

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