Diversity and inclusion in the workplace Part 4: The case for inclusion

If you’ve ever done any group training or teambuilding exercises, you’ve likely been exposed to the benefits that come with working with a diverse team. The presentation varies, but you’re usually asked to participate in a decision-making exercise, first on your own, then as a group. As you can probably guess, the group almost always comes up with a better approach to solving the problem. Why is this?

When you have a diverse group working together to solve a common problem, the various group members bring a wider range of work and personal experiences to the table. This means the group can offer far more insights than any one person.

Individual group members also bring a wider range of talents and strengths with them to solve the problem. Some people are inventive problem solvers; some are analytical and are able to find the most efficient way to execute a plan; some are great collaborators; others are great communicators who energize the group and can draw others to contribute. As a result, groups tend to be more creative, do a better job problem solving, and make better overall decisions. That’s a key message about diversity. It pays off, both at a team level and at an organizational level.

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