Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Tap into the power of difference

Tap your greatest resource—your people.

Have you read a book that became the foundational piece for your career? My book is “The Strategy of Preventive Medicine,” by Geoffrey Rose.

This passage by Rose has framed my career:

“Medicine has indeed delivered effective answers to some health problems and it has found the means to lessen the symptoms of many others. But, by and large, we remain with the necessity to do something about the incidence of disease, and that means a new partnership between the health-services and all those whose decisions influence the determinants of incidence. The primary determinants of disease are mainly economic and social and, therefore, its remedies must also be economic and social.”

My career mission is to help create healthy communities by learning about and developing solutions related to the social determinants of health. So, why am I working at an insurance company?

My career story is one that illustrates you can make an impact and be true to your personal calling no matter where you work.

Growing up, I remember telling my parents I would never join the corporate sector. I wanted to create social and economic solutions to improve our communities, particularly for people of color.


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