Diversity Insight: Do you have CU Pride?

New group forms and highlights things you can do, right now, to support LGBTQ members of the credit union community.

Two years ago, I posted a Facebook photo of my pride Apple watch face with my rainbow pride band. I captioned it, “My watch has a little too much pride. Or is there such a thing?” Lots of friends responded with positive affirmations and messages like “You can never have too much pride.”

But one friend, not in the LGBTQ community, quoted St. Augustine instead. “It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that changes men into angels.” I was stunned. I thought, “Is he trying to be funny? Does he not understand the deeper meaning when we say Pride?”

I began reflecting on the word “pride” and what it means to our community. Over the last 30 years, I have marched in dozens of parades and attended many events. I can remember the newness and excitement of stepping outside of my hidden self to reveal my authentic self to friends and community members. Over those years, did the meaning and celebration of pride slip away or diminish somehow?

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