Diversity Insight: Nurturing DEI in LAFCU’s cultural journey

DEI is an ongoing challenge that is a long way from being resolved. LAFCU is working toward change by beginning where it is.

Every employee wants to feel valued, respected and that they have a voice. The different perspectives that people bring to a project and the innovative ideas from those diverse perspectives are invaluable. When people feel valued, they are energized and engaged. Numerous data support that diversity in the workplace is also good for the bottom line.

Establishing an Executive-Level Diversity Officer Position

The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent calls for social justice across the country sparked the movement to expand and formalize LAFCU’s diversity, equity and inclusion program. Watching the injustice unfold prompted me to take action to propose a more robust DEI effort starting where we could make the most impact: right inside our own four walls.

The board of directors voted unanimously to create the position of chief diversity officer, a position I now hold, to accelerate existing diversity and inclusion initiatives at our Lansing, Michigan-based credit union. As an indication of the importance placed on the effort, the position is part of the executive team. As CDO, I am responsible for providing leadership, guidance, training and support to internal and external partners in the development and delivery of equity programs and tools.


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