Diversity Insight: Red versus Blue

Are we really that different? What can credit unions do?

The 2020 presidential election is over. We have a new president-elect, and for the first time in the history of the United States a vice president-elect who is a woman. We should be shouting from the rooftops that significant change has taken place. Instead, some are saddened by the fact that the election results show there remains a great divide in our beloved United States of America.

While some of us are disappointed our candidates of choice will not remain in office, one thing is crystal clear: Americans came out to vote, the greatest number our country has ever experienced. For me, that is where we start. That is the common ground.

The election turnout should give us hope that Americans want to make this country the best that it can be. A participatory government begins with the participation of the citizenship. Participation also signals hope. Most people would not engage in an act they consider pointless. So, let’s build our hope on this starting point.


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