Do you really want it?

by. Anthony Demangone

About three years ago, a friend sent me a YouTube video.

It blew my mind. 

There are a number of versions out there. If you are into sports or working out, I’d watch this one. This one is less edited, focusing more on the message.

I won’t try to describe the videos in great detail. In short, the message is this: Most of us say we want success. But, in reality, we don’t want it that much. 

Do we want success more than watching TV? Checking Facebook? We say we want this or that, but we do so many things that actually work against our stated goals.

Organizations are the same way. Most of us have goals that we can point to. The question is this: Do we really want to achieve them? Do we really want it? More than anything else?

If we did, we’d knock down every barrier and sweep away every obstacle that was in the way.

How often does that happen?

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