Do your employees know their value?

There is no getting around it: How you treat your employees directly impacts how your employees treat your members (or customers). I have learned that a good employee experience will equal a good NAFCU-member experience.

Therefore it is in a leader’s best interest to make sure employees know their value. Marcel Schwantes, principal and founder of Leadership From the Core, explains three ways a leader can show they value their employees. They include:

1.    Trusting and believing in those you lead.
2.    Repecting those you lead.
3.    Responding to the needs of those you lead.

All three of these embody a servant style of leadership – something I’ve written on in the past. While this type of leadership – which very well may require a culture change at your organization – won’t happen overnight, it is well worth the time and patience. After all, an employee that feels valued, will only increase his or her loyalty and dedication to an organization.


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