Does your board ask amazing questions?

Knowing the right things to ask is a key governance skill. Ask these seven questions (and more) at your next board meeting.

“Why are you a credit union director?” Ancin Cooley, principal of Synergy Credit Union Consulting Inc., began his breakout session, “Amazing Boards Ask Great Questions” with this seemingly simple query at Directors Conference in December.

Answers varied from participants around the room. Examples included:

  • “To protect the assets of the membership.”
  • “To make sure members get served properly.”
  • “Serve the community.”
  • “Bring diverse knowledge to the board.”

Sometimes, Cooley noted, board members get recruited and aren’t immediately sure of their answer, but you can assume directors are in the room for different reasons. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t work toward the same goals. After all, “you have a fiduciary obligation to the membership,” he added. “That means something.”


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