Does your credit union marketing end with dazzling success?

Author Ray Bard once said this about the success of organizations: “Every dazzling success is made from four components, and everyone, everywhere has the first two.”

Bard says the first is a big idea. “Everyone has one,” Bard said. Being a successful business owner, real estate investor and angel investor I’m always privy to big ideas. Bard was right, there is no shortage of them. And even in credit unions, I see and hear big ideas all the time.

The second component of a dazzling success story is the step-by-step, the how-to, along with some examples that demonstrate the big idea. Most with a big idea have at least thought about the steps to make it realistic. “This is how I would…” Whether it’s a credit union marketing strategy or a tactic of credit union strategic planning, the big idea and the how-to come naturally to creative and open-minded leaders.

But what about the final two components? These two are what separate dreamers from successful doers.


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