Don’t be fooled by Black Friday ‘deals’

Black Friday 2015 is beginning to look a lot like Black Friday 2014.

Big box retailers are pulling out all the stops to entice holiday shoppers this Thanksgiving Day and the day after, but many deals being packaged as something shiny and new may actually be year-old deals with a 2015 bow on top, according to a new study.

Personal finance website NerdWallet analyzed 21 Black Friday advertisements and found that 20 retailers listed at least one product for the exact same price in 2015 as in their 2014 ad. That translates to an overwhelming 95% of retailers repeating Black Friday deals this year.

Repeat deals

In the study that proclaims “many Black Friday deals are a bust,” NerdWallet uncovered repeat Black Friday deals in nearly every product category — from major purchases such as a vacuum cleaner or an elliptical trainer to smaller items like a Bluetooth speaker or a sewing machine.

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