Don’t misjudge the likeability of humor

“Where’s the beef?”

Some of you may not know this classic 1980s catchphrase from Wendy’s. So, let’s try another one:

“Dilly dilly!”

Now I’ve captured the rest of our readers attention.

From the loveable old lady who would storm drive-thru counters asking for more beef and less bun, to the more recent Bud Light commercial set in medieval times where a nonsense word evokes playful excitement for a frosty brew, humor plays a major role in these brands. In a world of noisy media messages, something unconventional allows our brains to switch to something more enjoyable.

The way we interact with brands is much the same way we interact with personal relationships. We gravitate toward brands that have a balance of warmth and competence. People say that they want a sense of humor in a mate. When brands have a sense of playfulness and laughter, it’s not absurd that we often gravitate toward those brands.


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