Don’t stop ‘til…

For many of us, those three words put an iconic song in our heads that will hang around for at least a week. Michael Jackson’s 1979 single “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” is as catchy today as it was when it was released over four decades ago (even as I type this…it seems inconceivable that both the song and I can be that old). I digress.

Leadership is a privilege to be sure. We know this. But when are you done? When does your team reach the point where they’ve been coached and led enough? Whether you’ve been leading for years or you’re brand new to leadership and wondering what it takes to be a leader, the thing is…you can never stop.

Leadership takes consistency

Simon Sinek draws on the analogy of working out.  We can’t exercise for nine hours and see results. We must keep at it and trust the process. We all work in the financial services game. Leadership is like teaching borrowers about how to improve and maintain a good credit rating.

You don’t get an exceptional credit rating by having one trade line on your credit report.  It takes time and consistent effort and behavior over time to attain the best rating. One hiccup can break the trendline.


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