Don’t think social selling reaches your credit union members?

Social selling sounds hip and technical, and it turns some marketers off. After all, if your target buyer is older and  less inclined to immerse themselves in social media, social selling is not going to return results to  you, right?

This thinking is far from the reality.

The fact is, your company should be using social selling no matter how old your buyer persona. Let us take a minute to convince you.

#1: It’s about building relationships. Social selling sounds technical, but it’s actually more about person-to-person contact and engagement. The recent LinkedIn “State of Sales” report surveyed sales people, and 90% of top performers use social selling as part of their sales strategy. This gives strong evidence that social selling doesn’t just target Millennials.

#2: It’s about sharing your message. Every marketer understands the concept that it takes several touches before a potential prospect recognizes your brand. Social selling is invaluable at getting in front of your target audience, as it’s faster than traditional marketing initiatives. One single post can be in front of your prospects in seconds, while other forms of advertising take days or weeks to reach them.

#3: It’s a vehicle to showcase your expertise. Utilizing social media as a form of selling veers you away from a stuffy sales pitch and shows what you know, how you know it, and why your audience should care. Everyone, no matter what age, wants to do business with an expert. Social selling gives you the power to show you are one.

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