Dorsey: Attract millennials with messaging, digital services

Be clear about how credit unions differ from banks—and do digital right, too. #CSCU2017

If you want to appeal to millennials, don’t emulate the Rotary Club, generational research expert Jason Dorsey told attendees at CSCU’s 2017 Solutions Conference Wednesday in Orlando.

Dorsey uses his local Rotary Club as an example of how not to stay relevant.

When he was young, the service club’s meetings were always packed, but now they’re lucky to fill a small room, he says.

Likewise, credit unions risk aging poorly if they don’t get a handle on messaging to younger generations.

“Millennials don’t know what ‘credit union’ means,” he says, adding that some think it is a labor union or something similar.

If credit unions can break through with their messaging, they stand to do very well, he says, because younger generations are “perfectly-aligned” with credit unions on values.

But credit unions need to figure out what it means to be a digital business, too.

“If we don’t win in digital, we are not going to have a credit union,” Dorsey says. That’s because banking is mobile for younger generations.

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