Doughnuts and judgment

This past weekend must have known that March was around the corner, because the weather was wonderful in Virginia.

After morning soccer and a few errands, Briggs and I decided to try a new neighborhood doughnut shop – Sugar Shack.

As we approached the counter to order, I noticed something. There were no labels for the doughnuts.

My first thought was…they are new. This is a mistake. Who wouldn’t put up a label for their donuts?

After checking out, I spoke with the manager.

It was no mistake.

The lack of labels forces people to engage with the staff. They hear people having similar discussions in line. Those discussions get people to try new doughnuts, and the staff also hears what doughnuts their customers wish they made. Also, not having labels allows them to switch out doughnuts and try new varieties when it suits them.

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