Doxim Vision Series: Chris Palmer on growth-oriented product development

Doxim is proud to work with over 1,500 financial services organizations, and with this comes responsibility not only to take care of our customers, but also to continuously calibrate our product strategy to keep pace with the industry requirements. Moreover, over the past 20 years we’ve seen the market evolve so rapidly that we push ourselves to build the future, by including anticipated needs in our vision.

Recently, I had an opportunity to chat with VP Innovation & Strategy Chris Palmer, about the vision for customer engagement technology that underpins everything we do here at Doxim. Today I’m sharing the highlights from this conversation, to give our valued customers and partners an insight into our strategic process.

Olga Z.:  Chris, what technology does Doxim believe to be the foundation for successful customer engagement in the future, and why?

Chris Palmer: Really, when we think about it, the crux of the successful engagement strategy is to create a successful customer experience regardless of channel, and to do that you really need CRM. Understanding the consumer – their preferences, goals, and financial needs is vital to be able to provide that experience.

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