Educational Marketing 101

Imagine you’re a high school senior deciding where to attend college. You go online and start researching institutions. You land on a school’s website, but instead of seeing specific messages that educate and prove why you should enroll in its university, you read claims like, “Our school is fun!” “We’ll help you learn!” “Tuition is pretty cheap!”

It wouldn’t take long to cross that school off your list.

The same is true when it comes to credit unions. If your messaging includes generic, unsubstantiated claims like, “We have great rates” or “Our loans will save you money,” there’s a good chance your messaging will be ignored.

The key to crafting an effective communication strategy that drives results is to use proof-based, educational marketing. Remember: in most instances, your audience doesn’t know nearly as much about your credit union as you do. By incorporating educational marketing, you’re building trust. Trust helps consumers build an emotional connection to your brand.

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