How email marketers can profit from users’ mobile obsession

For better or for worse, our smartphones have become an extension of us. We check our phones dozens—even hundreds—of times per day, and open most of our emails (53%) on mobile devices.

So, for marketers, having a comprehensive mobile email strategy isn’t just a best-practice, it’s table stakes.

When your emails are created with mobile readers in mind, they can grab subscribers’ attention—whether they’re running errands or sitting in the back seat of an Uber.

Here are five ways marketers can use consumers’ mobile addiction to better reach their customers.

1. Enhance the buyers’ overall journey, not just their email experience

It’s easy for marketers to think of customers in terms of single interactions, but that approach loses sight of the high-quality experience overall that customers expect (and which results in their making the decision to purchase).

Your relationship with a customer is like a relationship with an old friend: It’s a series of interactions, full of history, that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Marketers need to make sure the experience throughout the customer journey is consistent across all marketing channels, from emails to landing pages to shopping carts.

After all, an email that looks gorgeous on a phone doesn’t do much good if it leads to a landing page with a broken design and copy that takes a microscope to read.


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