Employee engagement critical to an effective brand promise

Financial institutions (FIs) that build a framework for how employees will interact with customers, vendors and each other ultimately create exceptional consumer experiences. That’s because they are giving their staff members the capabilities to carry out the organization’s brand promise.

What is a brand promise? It’s a statement an organization makes to consumers, identifying what they should expect from all interactions with the organization’s people, products, services and company. In the white paper “Promises, Promises: How to Ensure Your Financial Institution Lives Up to Its Brand,” I talk through the importance of the brand promise to delivering consumer experiences that go above and beyond what is expected.

The below excerpt addresses the need for organization-wide education and support to effectively deliver that promise.

Even though every credit union and community bank already has a brand, it may not have what’s known in marketing circles as a brand promise. A strong brand promise aligns with an organization’s purpose, positioning, strategy, people and consumer experience.

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