The end of marketing as we know it

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning will improve sales and marketing by enabling processes and communication without continuous direction. The addition of voice-first systems could eliminate much of the power of 'push marketing'.

Marketing and advertising have been around since the dawn of the Sumerian culture over 6,000 years ago. Just about all forms of marketing since falls under two fundamental categories:

  • Push Marketing – Marketing messages from newspaper, magazine, TV, website banners, google search textual banners.
  • Pull Marketing – Telephone directories, some web search engine results.

Marketing methods will be fundamentally altered with the rise of artificial intelligence, chatbots and the emergence of voice-first communication systems.

The Power of AI

Cloud computing provides an exponential increase in processing power, while advanced analytics has provided new ways to move from data to insight. Digital tools allow us to translate unstructured data into structured information faster and more accurately than ever possible. As a result, we can now ‘train’ computers to perform the kind of intelligent tasks previously performed (much more slowly) by humans.

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