Engaging social media marketing to tell your story

In the past, consumer interaction as far as reviews for banks and credit unions was typically related to the wooden suggestion box in the lobby and, in the worst cases, complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau.

How times have changed

Now bank and credit union consumers have a practically unlimited platform from which they can share reviews. FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram and Yelp are just a few. Odds are, you’ve had a number of consumers already share their opinions, both good and bad, on your social media platforms.

The point becomes: how well are you leveraging the social media story consumers are already telling about your bank or credit union?

Actual consumer reviews are some of the most powerful content your bank or credit union can use to help tell its own story. Consumer reviews are a terrific way to reignite existing relationships with consumers who may have forgotten about their relationship with your bank or credit union. They also are a good way to track consumer traffic back from social media platforms (like the ones listed above) to your website via hyperlinks.

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