Episode 113: The ”CU That Could”

If you’re at a small Credit Union and are being told “you can’t” because of your asset size, this podcast is for you.

Becky Reed, CEO of Lone Star Credit Union, is proving day in and day out that a can-do attitude –– regardless of your asset size –– and a willingness to say “yes” instead of “maybe later” is what you really need to grow in today’s CU Market.

We dive in on leveraging CUSOs, embracing a culture of being a “Pioneer” (AKA “BETA”) for innovations in the space, and joining boards and trade organizations.

This episode is for all of the small credit unions out there that are feeling overwhelmed. So, If you are trying to grow your Credit Union with a shoestring budget, Becky Reed’s gonna tell you how in this episode of the banking on experience podcast.


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