ERG session helps caregivers conduct “critical conversations”

Caregivers are people helping people, who often find themselves confronted with extra expenses that affect their financial future. By revealing the growing magnitude and financial implications of this typically silent population and dispelling common myths about caregivers in the workplace, caregivers’ insights and experiences are able to inform customer and employee experience strategies.

CUNA Mutual Group’s Caregivers’ Engagement Resource Group (ERG) was established this year to provide a forum for employee caregivers to relate, educate each other through individual experience and knowledge, and celebrate successes personally and as a community. To date, the ERG has grown to 112 members.

On May 20, the ERG hosted an educational session titled, “Critical Conversations.” This virtual event focused on approaching difficult conversations with others, such as the need to consider assisted living; power of attorney or other legal paperwork; and sorting out role and responsibilities with other family members.

The session featured ERG members who shared their personal experiences of what has worked well, what didn’t, and what they might do differently today. The session included a Q&A segment and an opportunity for others to share their personal stories, learn from one another and make connections. Here are some lessons learned and recommendations presenters offered in preparing for and conducting difficult conversations:


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