When every second counts: Mobile and online enrollment

With half of the U.S. adult population now banking via smartphones and tablets, according to a 2016 Javelin study, mobile banking has grown from an additional channel to the hub for all banking interactions.

There is newfound focus on the mobile-first consumer – a segment growing in size and power. Seventy percent of mobile bankers say that digital banking is sufficient for their needs, a percentage that rises to about 4 in 5 of every high-income mobile banker (those above $150,000 in annual income).

Financial institutions have responded to the shift to mobile banking by introducing new mobile services, and melding traditionally in-person procedures with mobile convenience, from speeding up ATM withdrawals and setting branch appointments to interacting with voice-based artificial intelligence.

But today, offering a mobile app equates to table stakes. Today’s challenge for financial institutions is to design mobile experiences that are both frictionless and secure.

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