Examine Your Mobile Strategy for 2013

By. David Hilger, Allied Solutions

Articles about mobile banking are popping up everywhere – from the Wall Street Journal to American Banker, in local papers, and on technology and finance blogs. Think more broadly – don’t ask yourself whether or not you have mobile banking. Consider where you’d like your mobile strategy to take you.

> What are your members asking for?

There are, perhaps, many things you are hoping to offer your members: mobile banking that allows them to check their balance or transfer funds; remote deposit capture; ATM or branch locations or mapping; straightforward “contact us” options or maybe a more robust self service capability. People appreciate these tools, and are increasingly likely to expect such offerings from their bank or credit union and often consider these when selecting their financial institution.

> How are you maximizing this opportunity?

Are your members able to access your existing mobile tools easily? Can your lending or marketing departments keep your promotions current, and tie them directly to a mobile loan application? Are you fully engaging the captive audience of a member checking their balance daily – to notify them of lapsed insurance, or share a timely video or message? When your credit union goes through a big change, are you streamlining communications and updates to your members? In short, have you included your mobile strategy into your larger strategies and goals?

> Where are you now, and where do you want to go?

If you have mobile banking in place, consider where you want to go with it next. If you have been exploring social media, revisit how to strengthen your visibility. Assess the tools you have in place and the ones you would like to add – begin to construct a mobile presence that will adapt easily as the technology continues to evolve. Along those lines, develop the tools and metrics to measure the services that bring value to you and your members, and equally important – those that don’t.

>Serve your members and reflect your brand!

As you consider your mobile strategy, remember to keep your objectives in mind as well as those of your members – in the end, their satisfaction with your mobile offerings will make all the difference. If you can stay current, keep their information secure, and keep lines of communication open – all while consistently promoting your brand, your members will benefit, and so will you.

David Hilger

David Hilger

David Hilger is a founder of Allied Solutions and has had roles in both the sales and operations of the company and is currently the SVP of Information Technology. Mr. ... Web: www.alliedsolutions.net Details

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