Stop making excuses

“I ran out of time.” “I can’t do everything myself.” “I didn’t have enough information.” Excuses are the lies we tell ourselves to make us feel better for a lack of action that leads down the path to failure.

As we fly past the midway point of 2017, think about your successes this year. Have you experienced loan growth? Have you experienced member growth?

If so, was it enough to meet your stretch goals?

If not, what excuses are you making for not reaching your goals?

If that last statement sounds harsh, it’s because it is… and I can relate. In May, I got to experience my first Jazz Fest in New Orleans. While I enjoyed dozens of bands over the 4 days I spent there, one stands out to me. That band was different. They lacked the glitz and glam of a normal rock and roll band. Their musical style was one of a kind. The way they performed when interacting with the audience was something like I had never seen. Their power to ignite emotions with their fans was something like you’d see in Benny Hinn television special.

The name of the band is Cowboy Mouth. The call and response between the band and their fans was unleashed several times per song. After the show, I had to go look this band up. What was their story? It was an adventure I would never have dreamed of in a million years.

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