The experts weigh in: 5 essential steps to building member trust

Trust is a complex and critical attribute of all relationships. So how can credit unions deliver their products and services in a way that inspires member trust?

Insight Vault caught up with CO-OP Financial Services Chief Marketing and Experience Officer Samantha Smyth Paxson and Coastal Credit Union’s vice president of marketing and product development, Brandon McAdams, for answers.

I.V.: A positive digital experience equates to trust. How can credit unions ensure that digital touchpoints meet members’ expectations?

S.S.P.: Organizations earn trust by demonstrating credibility. Credit unions need to embrace a digital mindset and deliver in a digital-first way. That equates to credibility.

B.M.: To understand what members expect today, just look at Uber. Everyone raves about the interface and how it allows you to get from Point A to Point B easier. But the app isn’t just flash. Its main function is to provide transparency – you know where the car is and how much it will cost, and you can preload your destination so there’s no confusion.

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