Facility Solutions: Engineering member experience, Part 1

Here are the first 10 tasks for developing a branch prototype for a large CU.

by. Paul Seibert, CMC

How can a credit union translate its brand into a unique branch experience for members?

It depends on the credit union. Some want a nice-looking space that integrates new technologies and downsizes the branch and staffing model. At the other end of the scale, a number of institutions see the value in a creating a “killer” brand experience that helps carry the brand image across all channels and drives high productivity. Each credit union is different and the process must be tuned to their objectives in terms of timing, cost, appetite for evolving the brand experience, internal commitment to change, and desired level of branding.

Here is a typical list of tasks for a developing a large organization’s branch prototype.

  1. Build a multi-functional team. Some of the most successful prototypes have included involvement of the CEO from start to finish. CEO participation strongly suggests the importance of the branding and prototype process and helps raise team motivation and commitment to real change. The heads of each department should be included, plus line staff who can talk about what they are experiencing in the branches with members every day. These individuals are typically the highest performers in your organization and are often Millennials, who add an important perspective. The vast majority of credit unions do not have the resources to maintain a highly qualified group of branding or prototyping experts. Consultants are often contracted to lead the process and deliver the prototype design, package, standards and rollout.
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