Facility Solutions: Integrating physical and digital delivery

Your CU's staff will be critical.

Just a few years ago, Brett King, author of Banking 2.0 and Banking 3.0, and I appeared to be in two very different camps. His was: “Branches are dead.” Mine was: “Not so fast, Mr. King.”

This played out in a number of online exchanges on LinkedIn group sites. King has gone on to great success on the technology side, but the vast majority of financial institutions are still trying to find the perfect balance of technology and human touch, of hitting target member preferences and economic possibility.

The search for the perfect delivery solution is certainly good for our business. It helps credit unions integrate the right technologies and drives a strong unique brand experience. We know that in addition to a strong branch network optimization plan, a great location, and a powerful branch business model and branded experience, staff’s ability to deliver on the brand promise is critical. The only way staff can deliver is by living in both the physical and technological worlds.

Reflective of this, over the past few years we have seen new employee titles. Teller and MSR have become universal associate; branch operations manager has changed to member experience manager; and, most recently, greeter or concierge is now referred to as digital ambassador.

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