Facility Solutions: Remote branch management

Know what’s going on at your credit union’s office by pulling out your smartphone.

by: Paul Seibert, CMC

Video tellers, video conference, remote messaging systems and ATMs enhance branch performance from a distance. So it’s not totally surprising that today’s technology is also enabling remote management of branches, literally from the facility manager’s phone, helping to make branches more efficient.

When I started managing facilities in the banking industry, I had to rely on scheduled maintenance inspections to discover problems. If there was an emergency issue, our help desk received a phone call and we dispatched one of our service partners. Today knowing when maintenance needs to be called is much more automatic.

In the last 15 years, building systems monitoring has evolved and now could be considered part of “the Internet of everything” trend. Here’s a summary of many ways remote monitoring can be applied to the benefit of your credit union and its members:

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