Fighting fraud: The role of fraud fusion centers

Fraud Fusion Centers are being utilized across the industry to stay ahead of Fraudsters.  Join Adam Barrett and learn how to join a Fraud Fusion Center and become more proactive against fraud.

Key Takeaways:

  • [00:56] The concept of a Fraud Fusion Center is a collaboration among professional fraud fighters. Anyone that has been doing this for a while forms a network of trusted advisors and we all go to each other anytime we come across some new or complex case.
  • [02:50] Scams have always been around but the emergence of AI has made them far more sophisticated than we have ever seen before.
  • [05:55] Person-to-person payment apps like Zelle, Venmo, and CashApp are not protected like debit and credit cards.
  • [08:30] Every single time that new technology comes out that makes our lives better, fraudsters will find a way to exploit it. The current state of cyber fraud points credit unions in a lose-lose situation.
  • [20:04] By identifying the information at one credit union and getting it out to others they are getting ahead of these threats.
  • [22:19] Fraud Fusion Centers are critical. Formalize it and make it happen.


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