Financial app for citizens of the world

DUCA Financial Services Credit Union working with Zenbanx money transfer app

A Toronto credit union is a leading partner in a new banking app that allows users to hold up to five currencies in a single account and transfer money internationally through a convenient and safe channel.

DUCA Financial Services Credit Union has partnered with Zenbanx as the Canadian gateway for the app that aims “to make your money as mobile as you are.” Canada is the first country in which Zenbanx, the brainchild of ING Direct founder Arkadi Kuhlmann, has launched its service; as of this fall, the company’s website promised a U.S. portal soon.

The app provides accountholders with a seamless solution for converting their funds to Canadian, U.S., Australian, Singapore, and Hong Kong dollars; euros; British pounds; Japanese yen; and rupees, the currency of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other Asian nations. Users can also transmit money to people in other countries via a secure channel with social messaging capabilities that is cheaper and easier to use than standard wire transfer methods, says DUCA President/CEO Richard Senechal, a CUES member.

Running the app is a complex system that calculates currency exchange rates in real time, pays interest on accounts in the currencies of customers’ choice, and navigates global banking networks to facilitate money transfers securely and in compliance with various nationalities’ regulations designed to outlaw money laundering and funding of terrorism, Senechal says.

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