What financial health means to me: Celebrating #FinHealthMatters Day

June is an important month for credit union organizations and the National Credit Union Foundation, as we celebrate National Employee Wellness Month. This month spotlights the workplace’s role in helping to create healthy employees, not only physically, but financially as well.

Today, CFSI is celebrating #FinHealthMatters Day to help raise awareness for the impact that financial health can have on our members. Just as people who exercise and maintain a healthy diet are more likely to live a longer life, those with access to financial tools and resources will be able to build a a more financially stable life.

The Atlantic recently published an article highlighting a scary statistic from a Federal Reserve Board survey; 47% of American’s would have trouble coming up with $400 to pay for an emergency.  In fact, they’d either have to borrow money or sell something to cover the emergency. Even scarier is the results of CFSI’s Consumer Financial Health Study – 57% of American’s – approximately 138 million adults, are struggling financially. That’s over half of our entire population that are struggling.

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