Finding the true value in higher education

by: Laurel Stiller

I was recently reading the Washington Post and came across an excellent article called “College is not a commodity. Stop treating it like one.” In the article, the writer, Hunter Rawlings, gives a great summary about how college is now being evaluated in purely economic terms. It made me realize, as a parent paying to send a child to college, there is truth in that.

I want my kids to go to college and have the full, enveloping experience. To learn lessons about life, leadership and reality that will teach them far more than an “A” in any one class.

Parents – or, in many cases, the students – are making an investment. Right or wrong, we are looking for a measurable return on that investment. That probably amounts to knowing my child has found a career that provides a sustainable living and makes them happy for the next 40+ years of post-college life.

The article points to a topic that could really be my rallying cry. As it explains, the outcome really comes down to the effort of the student. Their personal motivation and drive to find value in the college experience is at the core of what makes it valuable.

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