Finding time and energy for mentoring

Questions to ask yourself to make the most of the mentorship you are starting or continuing.

We all know how difficult it is to find the time to complete tasks associated with our daily work duties, much less to find time for such additional activities as mentoring. So why do people do mentoring? And more importantly, how do they do it?

The answers to these questions are as unique as people themselves, yet there are some common factors. Many people become involved in mentoring so they can learn a new skill, advance their careers, share wisdom and expand their personal networks.

It is human nature to want to continue to improve ourselves. Our ongoing need for knowledge drives us to engage in relationships that support our growth. Likewise, it is human nature that forces us to accept our mortality and compels us to leave our mark on the world while we are here. Our need to leave a legacy reflects itself in our willingness to help others and share our expertise.

These factors persuade us to engage in mentoring. Yet at times, despite our best efforts, we experience difficulties in our mentoring relationships. The biggest deterrent to a successful mentoring relationship is dedicating time and energy to it. Half-hearted efforts yield half-hearted results. For a mentoring relationship to succeed, people need to fully invest themselves.


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