Fintech brings small-business member to credit union

Desiree Deschamps of Pet Shepherds of MI, LLC, Detroit, had been struggling with invoices and payments since founding her business in August 2015. This March, she read an article about treasury product fintech startup Autobooks, Detroit, in a newsletter for Michigan entrepreneurs and thought, “This is exactly what I’m looking for!”

“I had kind of been doing things manually, creating and emailing invoices for customers and using PayPal for payments,” Deschamps recalls. “But Paypal was getting more expensive.”

Autobooks handles both of these and more, but before discovering the startup, Deschamps reached out to her current financial institution for help.

One of the large banks “had been my personal banking partner for my entire adult life,” says Deschamps. “When I opened my business, it just seemed like a natural transition to open my business account with them. They were very helpful, very friendly, getting everything set up.

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