FinTech is not dying; It is evolving

FinTech was once the hottest new industry in the world but now, on its face, appears to be cooling down. Looking at the stock from large online lending companies like Lending Club or OnDeck, one can imagine how failed earning projections and scandal after public scandal would shake the confidence of even the most savvy investment group.

These monster companies helped usher in the FinTech industry, fleshed out the early years, and fought off regulators on a path to large profits and greater access to funding for everyone. They were the first generation companies to storm the fjord and come out on the other bank.


The juggernauts of online lending soon became like the banks themselves. Internally, they regulate themselves to keep shareholders happy. They know they need to pivot and evolve as the industry matures but they still hold to what made them a success in the first place. Unfortunately for our industry pioneers, companies that are slow to evolve in an industry that was built on speed and revolution is not swift or flexible enough to keep up with the changing atmosphere.


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