Five social influencers that financial services professionals should know

From teachers and preachers to thinkers and thought-leaders: Here are five hot follows financial professionals should keep tabs on.

Personal finance has been an American obsession since Benjamin Franklin’s 1737 almanac offered “Hints For Those That Would Be Rich,” including this pearl of wisdom: “A penny saved is two pence clear.”

The torrent of advice hasn’t stopped since, whether it’s Suze Orman talking on PBS about retirement planning or Dave Ramsey shouting at callers to his radio show to spend less and pay off their debts. Today, social media is producing a new generation of influencers, offering a diverse choice of views about the world of banking and personal finance.

Following the dialogue and debate fostered by influencers can help refine your strategies and sharpen how you position and distribute your messaging. They can also supplement and lend context to the traditional, industrial-strength resources you rely on for competitive intelligence, brand awareness and reputation management.

Here are five names to follow:


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