Five things your credit union needs to learn from a bouncy house

Every year our Volunteer Fire Department hosts a 4th of July Picnic in our tiny little town complete with a parade, barbecue, burgers and dogs, kid’s games, silent auction, music and of course a big fireworks display. This year I was in charge of the kid’s activities. I don’t have kids, but I know what kids like – a bouncy house. And since our event is on the giant Town Hall lawn it’s a perfect spot to get your bounce on.

I put “Bouncy House Rentals” in the Google machine and to my surprise found there are several in the Albuquerque area. Who knew? I clicked on the first one listed, the page took too long to load and when it finally did a form popped up that said email us or call us today to get a quote. Pass. So I clicked on the second site listed. Loco Jumps. The page loaded right away.

The banner was a kid smiling and this promise: “Our Jumps are Always Clean and Sanitized.” Again, not having kids this isn’t something I was even thinking about but now that I read it, heck yes I want a clean and sanitized bouncy house.

The only other copy on the main page was this:

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