Floating along in social media? 3 tips on swimming in the right direction

Your boss told you it’s time to start “doing” social media, so you enrolled in a Social Media Boot Camp and learned the basics. Now you are wondering if this is time well spent. Are you making an impact, or floundering? Feeling overwhelmed? Good – that’s normal.

At first, diving into social media is kind of like real life diving. Suddenly you’re surrounded – not by water and underwater creatures, but a stream of tweets and posts coming at you constantly. Are they friendly? Or will they bite? It’s overwhelming in the first few days/weeks, so you come up for air, unsure of any of it.

Hang in there! What you are experiencing is a normal response to navigating the social media waters. Here’s a few tips on swimming in the right direction rather than simply floating:

  • Take a deep breath and relax. You will NOT be able to consume every post and tweet so don’t even try. Once you accept that, you will relax.
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