Focus on the future

We must continually renew ourselves.

Time doesn’t stand still. While it’s easy to focus solely on members and the work directly in front of us, we must keep an eye toward the future.

That means anticipating and adapting to trends in technology— whether it’s payments, mobile apps, or your website.

But it also means cultivating and retaining top talent. Like it or not, our current credit union leaders will not be here to serve the industry forever.

At some point—and for some credit unions, at a point very soon—these folks will retire and the industry will need to have successors ready to take their place.

That’s why we must identify and mentor those who will guide this movement into the future.

We need to empower those who will one day pick up the reins and play key roles in the growth of our industry, in developing solutions to new business needs, and in making a difference in our advocacy efforts.


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