Focus on the Right Issues for Successful Merger: Webinar Coverage


Mergers and acquisitions in the credit union industry are expected to continue for years to come, and making them work was the focus of a webinar hosted Wednesday by Credit Union Times.

The Credit Union Leadership Forum webinar included a panel of industry experts who shared insights and best practices that can help ensure successful merger and acquisition agreements.

While takeovers are a good way for credit unions to grow, they can be very challenging and complex, the participants said, but they agreed that a focus on the right issues from the outset can benefit everyone involved.

“Only do business with people you trust,” said Doug Petersen, president/CEO of the $880 million Workers Credit Union in Fitchburg, Mass., who said he has been involved in about nine mergers over the last 16 years. “If you can’t build trusting relationships then walk away.”

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