Follow these 6 steps before implementing FedNow

Fintech has recently been experiencing a period of transformation with the arrival of the FedNow Service. For financial institutions, integrating the FedNow Service isn’t merely a choice; it’s becoming more and more of a mandatory strategic move to maintain relevance in a market that never stops evolving.

Since its launch in July 2023, the FedNow Service has rapidly expanded its reach. Initially launched with 35 financial institutions on the instant payments network, the number has surged to more than 600 institutions.

The primary question facing financial institutions is whether they are prepared to embed this service seamlessly within digital experiences.

If your institution is considering adopting the FedNow service, understanding the necessary steps to ensure readiness is crucial.

Join us as we explore the key considerations you should bear in mind as you navigate the implementation process of FedNow.


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