Foundation grant helps spread “Financial Reality” to youth in Alaska

The Foundation is a huge believer in experiential learning, or learning by “doing”. One example of this is high school Reality Fairs, which is an interactive fair for high school students to help prepare them for their financial futures. Today, 26 states are offering students Reality Fair Programs – 14 of which can be tied directly to the Foundation.

The Financial Reality Foundation (FRF) of Alaska recently utilized a grant from the Foundation to bring financial education to high school seniors via credit unions across the state of Alaska. Through their Get REAL Financial Reality Fair Program, they reached 2,663 students, which is 34% of all enrolled high school seniors in Alaska.

FRF offers financial reality fairs for free to communities by way of the cooperation among Alaskan credit unions. The Alaska Credit Union League has been a major supporter in bringing financial literacy efforts state-wide by providing the Get REAL Financial Reality Fairs in their respective communities and membership areas. Seeing the enthusiasm from schools and collaboration from credit unions, Matanuska Valley FCU was inspired to create FRF in August 2014, as a non-profit foundation to provide consumers the opportunity to learn about finances in a fun, realistic and memorable way.

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