Four steps to achieving goals at your credit union

Design a plan and hold yourself accountable

If you don’t intend to design a plan to achieve your goals, don’t bother setting any. So says communication and workplace performance expert Stacey Hanke.

She provides four steps to make your goals a reality:

1. Revisit accountability. What you don’t measure, you won’t achieve.

You’ll have days you want to pretend your goals don’t exist. Do what it takes to snap out of that mindset, and enlist an “accountability partner”—a friend, family member, or colleague you trust who won’t let you quit, no matter what.

2. You need to want it. Many people find themselves swimming with the current, moving from one daily task or appointment to another, without pausing to regain their coordinates.

Your goals will float past you if you don’t want them bad enough.

When you crave the satisfaction of reaching your goal more than dreading the work required to achieve it, you’re on the right track.

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