Four tips to boost content marketing

Consumers have access to volumes of information, any time anywhere. How does a financial institution compete and differentiate itself from its competition? With a strong brand and good content.

Content marketing is the practice of sharing information with and educating consumers instead of selling to them. It’s the practice of teaching your customers/members something or helping them solve a problem in their lives. Instead of flashy ads and marketing lingo, content marketing provides relevant information that establishes your financial institution as the go-to expert for your audience’s finances.

Here are four ways to boost your financial institution’s content marketing efforts.

Develop a content marketing strategy and calendar

Content marketing takes work. Do not underestimate the amount of time and resources you need to keep the content fresh and flowing. Take some time to determine what type of content is relevant to your customers or members. Plan how often you will produce new content, how you will publish or distribute it and who is responsible for creating that content.

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