Four ways technology can improve efficiency for credit unions and members

Leveraging technology in these areas streamlines the member experience while freeing up staff time to focus on improving relationships and strategic initiatives.

Members today are looking for technology, speed and convenience, challenging their credit unions to find ways to operate more efficiently. This goes beyond a credit union providing basic answers, completing transactions and delivering service—members expect better digital experiences in their financial lives like they have with Amazon and Facebook. As such, credit unions are reevaluating the way they do business to meet and exceed these expectations. Jack Henry’s annual Strategic Priorities Benchmark Study found 44% of financial institution CEOs are focused on boosting operational efficiencies.

Below are four ways in which leveraging technology can help your credit union improve efficiency, leading to better banking experiences and increased member satisfaction.

1. Streamline Back-Office Processes With Automation

Historically, credit unions have operated with siloed information from multiple, disparate systems and/or relied on manual, burdensome processes. This has led to inaccurate and inconsistent reporting, which impacts the ability to deliver higher quality, more effective service. By digitizing and automating back-office operations, credit unions can expect better efficiency rates and quick response times, helping to solidify members’ loyalty and trust.


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