Fraudsters unpack new and old holiday scams

Industry insiders provide insight into the most popular scams cybercriminals are running this holiday season.

Cybercriminals are preparing for the holidays, determined to take advantage of organizational and personal distractions. A number of cybersecurity professionals provided us with warnings and scam protections.

Here is the first of a two-part series presenting security specialist concerns.

John Buzzard, the Industry Fraud Specialist for CO-OP Financial Services:

“This holiday season is really going to be interesting to see how concentrated card-not-present transactions increase as more and more Americans shop online during the U.S. holidays. My concern is that the movement towards online shopping, which has been so incredible all year long, will also be weaponized by criminals, who may take advantage of the moment by masquerading as merchants, shippers and financial institutions.”

Buzzard also provided a heads up on other fraudulent activity:

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