Fresh training approach taps staff expertise

CU’s internal experts, not generalists, oversee technical training.

Many credit unions feature training departments staffed by generalists who train others on internal processes and other facets of business.

Northwest Community Credit Union (NWCU) in Eugene, Ore., however, takes a different approach to technical training.

Under the leadership of President/CEO John D. Iglesias, the $1 billion asset credit union develops internal content experts for the role of technical training. The approach deepens the accuracy and credibility of training as these “trainers” actually perform the job every day.

“We’ve always maintained that our success as a credit union is due to the people who work here,” Iglesias says. “Now we can proudly state that our success is a reflection of the people who grow here.”

NWCU staff have embraced the new approach.

“It only makes sense to have people who understand the job train employees. There’s no better teacher than experience,” says Kara Spence, NWCU’s support services specialist.

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